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  • Equipment for processing of roofing waste (PBKO)
Equipment for processing of roofing waste (PBKO)
  • Equipment for processing of roofing waste (PBKO)
  • Equipment for processing of roofing waste (PBKO)
  • Equipment for processing of roofing waste (PBKO)

Equipment for processing of roofing waste (PBKO)

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Country of manufacture:Russia

We make and introduce the turnkey zapatetnovanny and certified technological line for utilization of biumosoderzhashchy roofing waste of "PBKO".

The PBKO technological line is intended for full utilization of roofing waste from roofing material (BKO), and also receiving at the same time raw materials for production of road-building materials, chemical production and fuel briquettes.

Basic equipment - the Power station, Melting installation, Knot of cutting of BKO.

Additional complete set - the mixing warmed-up tank for bitumen, the line of pouring of a bituminous primer.  



1. - Low power consumption

Energy consumption-8 kWh on development of ton of bitumen, 11 kWh on development of ton of bitumen and production (a biumny primer, the waterproofing mastic stabilizing additives for ShchMA). Unlike the equipment of competitors, there are no big costs of the electric power of preliminary crushing of BKO and its subsequent heating.

2. - Full cycle of processing of BKO

The made bitumen and deposit from a stone crumb serves as raw materials for production, a residual cardboard – a component of fuel briquettes for the power station.

3. High efficiency

Processing of waste of a roof of 9000 kilograms a day,

Smelting 4,5 tons of pure bitumen of 4500 kilograms a day.

Whether it is possible to make a bituminous primer of bitumen waterproofing mastic - 8 tons per day (500 buckets).


4. High profitability

Bystry payback (obtaining the income both for utilization of BKO, and for realization of the made production)

5. Relevance

Annually in any city BKO which in the future will equate to waste of the III class of danger are formed (it is impossible to store and bury, only to utilize). Having become the first in the region the enterprise with a full cycle of processing of BKO (export, collecting, 100% utilization) the founder of this business will receive the guaranteed source of the constant income.

6. Environmental friendliness

- due to blowing off of hot air 160-180 0C when heating BKO formation of products of disintegration of bitumen is almost excluded and quality of the melted bitumen does not worsen;

- formation of the new waste which is subject to further processing or utilization is reduced to a minimum.

High quality of the melted "secondary" bitumen

Pure, not superheated, without mechanical impurity (it can be used as cheaper raw materials for production as a part of which there is an oil bitumen


Country of manufacture:Russia
Productivity: 375 kg/h
Type of waste: Solid Waste
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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