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  • Installation of fast pyrolysis FPP02 waste disposal
Installation of fast pyrolysis FPP02 waste disposal
  • Installation of fast pyrolysis FPP02 waste disposal
  • Installation of fast pyrolysis FPP02 waste disposal
  • Installation of fast pyrolysis FPP02 waste disposal
  • Installation of fast pyrolysis FPP02 waste disposal

Installation of fast pyrolysis FPP02 waste disposal

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Installation fast pyrolysis FPP02 (FSM) is designed for the thermochemical treatment and utilization of biomass and other organic polymeric liquid waste to obtain organic products and fine coal.

September 19, 2018 in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation held a demonstration day fast pyrolysis plants FPP 02. The event will be held scientific and practical seminar and presentation of the work of the fast pyrolysis of biomass Plants for the processing of waste (sawdust, sludge wastewater sunflower husk, waste HDPE). We invite everyone to visit the Demo Day. To be able to participate, please send a request on the website of the enterprise developer equipment . At your request we will send detailed information and program of the event. Number of participants is limited.

Information about the seminar on the developer's website:


Description of technology

For processing and recycling of waste and rubbish is used pyrolysis reactor in which there is a continuous rapid ablative pyrolysis (wastes are continuously fed into the rotary reactor, heated and decomposed into two fractions - biogas and mineral residue. 

Installation fast pyrolysis FPP by the Customer 02 can process various waste fraction from 1 to 50 millimeters

 - waste synthetic polymers (HDPE, or low-pressure polyethylene, LDPE or density polyethylene, PE),

- sewage sludge treatment facilities,

- bird droppings, pig farms waste,

- oil sludge, soil contaminated with oil, peat, lignite, 

- wooden sleepers for railways, wooden poles impregnated with creosote,

- waste agriculture (rice straw, corn husks, sunflower husks)

a PDF, waste Tetra Pak,

- bitumen roofing waste.

We look forward to your questions by-mail an e: piroliz (@)

WeChat  ID: wxid_9ik8sb7ao7ik22

We will send a presentation and offer. We invite you to our factory, where you can view the current (working) equipment.

Short description of the technology.

 Features Settings FPP 02:

  • It enables continuous processing of various biomass waste unlike briquetting technology, production of composite materials and pellet;

  • It is a modular solution for rapid delivery, assembly, rewiring and displacements in remote areas;

  • It provides stable operation in harsh field conditions (the possibility of complete energy self-sufficiency, a high degree of protection, duplicated automatic control systems, etc.);

  • It can be scaled flexibly to the site to improve performance;
  • Delivered turnkey, requires no capital construction, 100% ready for use;

  • It provides high performance processing, enables continuous recycle waste of small businesses in small volumes;

  • It is an implementation of the patented technical solutions and enables several times lower capital costs, unlike competitors' technology ( "fluidized bed");

  • It provides the processing of wood waste to obtain 53% liquid and 20% solids.

  • The resulting products of processing may be applied for further use (as fuels, raw materials for chemical plants, etc.)

Specifications Fitting  FPP02  (wood processing waste):

Performance of the initial dry raw material (W = 10%, wood), kg / h 500
Performance of liquid products (bio-oil), kg / h 250
Performance of carbonaceous residue (biochar) kg / h 150
The voltage of the electric current, 380
Installed electric power equipment, kW no more than 25
reactor operating mode
execution equipment
modular, mobile (via vehicle), the installation is carried out without complex pouring heavy foundation
maximum temperature in the pyrolysis reactor, ° C 650
maximum temperature in the furnace, ° C 1000
maximum excess pressure of the gas-vapor mixture in the system mm. water. Art. 50
Number of staff, pers. 6 (2 pers. / Shift)
Length m eleven
Width m eleven
Height, m 6

Specifications FPP02 settings for other types of waste can be provided upon request.  



Installation is fast pyrolysis FPP02 development company "CRT Group". Company "RABIKA-saving" produces FPP02 commissioned by the copyright owner, and also implements the installation to end customers on the basis of the agency contract with "CRT Group" ( ).


Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 20.09.2018

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