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Solid fuel boiler 50 kW RABIKA
  • Solid fuel boiler 50 kW RABIKA

Solid fuel boiler 50 kW RABIKA

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Copper of long burning of the 50 kW RABIKA-50. Economic. 

Fuel consumption - 0,3 cbm. (150 kg.) firewood in days. It is calculated on the area of 500 sq.m (the volume of 1500 cbm.)

The principle of gas generation is the basis for work of a two-chamber gas-generating copper of RABIKA (education from solid fuel of gas and its burning). In the first camera - a fire chamber firewood burns with formation of generating gas which due to natural draft rises in the second top camera of a copper, mixes up with the heated air (given through system of injectors) ignites and burns down, allocating at the same time a large amount of heat. Efficiency of process of gas generation is increased through participation in thermochemical reaction of water gas (which is formed in the course of passing of steam through the heated coals). In mixed (generating + water) or we will call it pyrolysis gas much less than inert (nonflammable) gases - nitrogen and carbon dioxide and the content of "combustible gases" - carbon monoxide and hydrogen is increased. There is fuller and intensive combustion of pyrolysis gas at the expense of what the efficiency of a copper increases, the interval between laying of fuel increases and concentration of harmful substances in flue gases decreases.

Advantages of a copper of RABIKA:

The copper of RABIKA is enough to heat 2-3 times a day;

- Adjustment of the developed power from 40 to 100%;

- Fuel: firewood, agricultural waste, waste paper, second-hand tire covers and other combustible garbage;

- Low fuel consumption and high efficiency give the best ratio of the price and quality;

- There is the second contour for heating of water for domestic needs;

- Automatic protection against a copper overheat;

- Is not subject to registration in supervisory authorities.

The benefits received at operation of coppers of RABIKA:

1. decrease in costs of heating;

2. independence of gas supply;

3. decrease in costs of utilization of combustible waste.

Heat exchanger material:Steel
Information is up-to-date: 13.12.2018
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