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The Business of Furniture
June 22, 2023

DARRAN Furniture, in collaboration with IDA Design studio, Mark Müller and Christopher Wright, as well as leveraging their internal Design Team to launch multiple new collections at NeoCon 2023. 

The Susu collection

The Susu collection is quietly simple and considered in its design. Combining a simple elegant architecture with sensitive details around materials and finish selections, Susu is "Beauty in Small Things" personified. Utilizing PET shells to embrace and support the table surfaces, the Susu collection incorporates a softness and texture that is unexpected and unusually delightful in the table category. This detail is subtle in nature and a joy to discover. Making it one of the "important things" that can be overlooked, but essential to the design and purpose of the Susu Collection. The Susu tables, with their PET component, are designed to be an integral part of an environment's sound management solution. By incorporating the PET cradle into the design, the tables can mitigate the need for extensive additional baffling or wall-hung sound absorption elements. This allows the Designer more freedom to creatively apply furniture solutions as opposed to having to consume portions of the budget to manage sound. 

Susu: Simple; a very slight sound. Susu is a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin. Meaning “simple,” this name will remind baby to find beauty in the small things. From blossoming trees to the shining sun, the most important things are sometimes the most overlooked." 

Susu was designed by IDA Design Studio 

Dove Collection

The Dove Collection is soft, inviting, and designed with a focus on the merging of natural and recycled materials. Walnut and Ash hardwood frames support and cradle thermoformed recycled PET shells that are ergonomically designed to accept the human form. Visually light and distinct, the Dove collection speaks to the need for a connection between our natural and built environments. Harnessing organic forms and juxtaposing them with formal architecture, the Dove Collection consists of a lounge chair, rocking chair, and guest chair suitable for corporate and hospitality spaces. 

Using the hardwood frames as a jump-off point for the application of distinct finishes, the user can then specify numerous different colors of PET to ensure that the lounge, rocker, or guest chair is perfectly specified for their environment. The Dove collection, with its PET component, can also be a component of an environment's sound management solution. This added feature can mitigate the need for extensive additional baffling or wall-hung elements and allows the Designer more freedom to apply budget considerations reserved for sound management, towards more furniture solutions that can add to the feel and function of the designed space. 

Dove was designed by IDA Design Studio 

Nomi Collection 

Nomi has different meanings in many cultures. In Japanese, it communicates beauty and delight. In Arabic, it has connotations that allude to dreams. For DARRAN it combines both meanings with the new paradigm of Nomadism in the modern workplace. Nomadic culture is inherently agile and mobile with a sense of purpose, determination, and simplicity. The Nomi collection embraces this need for agility in bar height, counter height, and ottoman height poufs with pressure-sensitive casters to allow mobility within the workspace. Our realities are defined in a tactile manner and as we make our way through our environments, we look for things that activate our senses. Softly shaped natural materials, detailed seaming, and a delightful nature define the Nomi stool and pouf collection. When designing today’s office environments, it is increasingly important to populate spaces with products that can service many applications while providing a sense of delight through these special moments of interaction between the user and the product. Nomi creates a high degree of function with the simplest forms and fosters this essential connection through its joyful nature and nomadic disposition delivering performance, personality, and purpose. 

Honey Bizz and Buzz 

The Honey Bizz and Buzz Collections take the Honey system and expands its versatility with the addition of seating that is integrated into the configurations as well as seating that is designed to accent the Honey Collection in the open spaces in today’s modern environments. Adhering to the biophilic design cues that define Honey, this modular collection can be arranged in any of the thousands of different configurations that Honey provides, while making sure that the attributes of airflow, agility, and distinction are present. The integrated modular seating part of this collection is named Bizz, while the open-plan version is named Buzz. Honey Bizz is off the floor so as not to impede airflow within the Honey system itself. The Honey Buzz is to the floor to create comfortable anchors to any space that read sophisticated and luxe. Both the Bizz and Buzz collections are specifically designed to accent the Honey product, build on its flexibility, integrate into the floor plan, and provide a holistic solution to any workspace. 

Honey Bizz and Honey Buzz’s aesthetic contribution to any commercial interior comes from its biophilic design cues. These elements coupled with plush upholstery and generous dimensions provide an excellent degree of comfort, all the while making sure that the design intent of the entire collection is cohesively proportioned and comprehensively delivered. When used in conjunction with the Honey panels, the Bizz collection integrates itself seamlessly into any floor plan. At the same time, the Buzz collection accents the Bizz collection with open-plan applications. With the roots of these two seating collections stemming from the versatility of the Honey collection and augmenting the potential applications, Bizz and Buzz offer a tremendous amount of creativity to better sculpt workplaces that are truly tailored to the end user’s needs. 

Honey Bizz and Buzz was designed by Mark Müller and Christopher Wright

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