Equipment for cost-effectiveness disposal of oil sludge
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Equipment for disposal of oil sludge and oil-contaminated lands
  • Equipment for disposal of oil sludge and oil-contaminated lands

Equipment for disposal of oil sludge and oil-contaminated lands

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Oil - producing and oil - refining industry are producers of waste, referred to as the oil sludge or slime.

The oil slurry is a mixture of oil, water, and mineral impurities. Oil sludge in their physico - chemical properties is resistant to disintegration viscous multicomponent mixture containing at least ten substances (hydrocarbons, acids, clay, sand, metal corrosion products, sludge precipitate, et al. ).

Oil sludge can be conditionally divided into several groups (the method of its formation):

• Ground sludge - are formed as a result of oil entering the ground (in case of accidents or accidental spillage from storage tanks, etc. );

• Tank sludges - the result of physico - chemical transformations of petroleum products by reacting with the atmospheric air, water, solids and the walls of the transport or storage tanks;

• Bottom sludges - the result of the interaction of spilled oil and sludge from the bottom of water bodies.

Now the oil industry used oil sludge disposal in special barns, storage ponds and special areas at refineries.

Oil sludge is a source of contamination of soil, ground water and air.

Disposal of sludge is one of the important problems requiring solutions the oil industry.

Installation of fast pyrolysis FPP02 intended for thermochemical processing and disposal of oily waste, cuttings, oil - contaminated land, polluted by oil and other petroleum products earthen ground.

When disposing of sludge in the reactor rapid ablative pyrolysis liquid obtained organic pyrolysis products and sterilized earth (pure soil)

Depending on the type of input raw solid pyrolysis product can be produced fine coal.

The advantages of fast pyrolysis installation FPP 02

- Pyrolysis plant consists of a modular container units. The dimensions of the blocks allow for the transportation of equipment to the marine and railway containers, as well as by road.

- The equipment is sent from the factory after factory testing is already ready to work. Disassembled into modular units equipment after delivery to the place of operation quickly assembled into a finished technological complex. Installation and start - up are made within ten days.

- Does not require capital construction (FPP02 working on open ground without a foundation).

- delivered "turnkey", provides 100% ready for use.

- Provides high processing efficiency (cost - effectiveness, safety, reliability).

- Scalable technology allows to recycle waste in small quantities in small enterprises. Also for large enterprises equipment capacity can be increased to the desired volume by installing additional modules.

- Remote management and monitoring (satellite, GPS).

- Our pyrolysis plant contains a unique patented technical solutions and enables several times lower capital costs, unlike competitors' technology.

- It is possible to increase performance by a modular assembly to provide additional reactor and reducing capital costs by 25% .

Technical characteristics of fast pyrolysis installation FPP 02

Productivity - 1000 kg / hr dry feed or 2000 kg / wet raw

Power consumption 25 kW * h

Operating mode - сontinuous

Dimensions 11x11x6 m 

Operating mode Continuous

Mode parameters:

- maximum temperature in the reactor is 650 ° C;

- maximum temperature in the furnace of 1000 ° C;

- maximum overpressure vapor mixture in the system - 50 mm. water. Art.


The technological process of recycling sludge FPP installation 02 is as follows:

Withdrawal (drill cuttings, oil sludge, soil mixed with fuel oil) is intermittently fed in a mechanized warehouse supply of 30 m³. Feed of raw sludge is carried screw feeder in the drying unit, where moisture is provided by reduction of the sludge prior to heat treatment up to 10% . The dried slurry is then fed into the feed hopper loading module, where it is carried into the reactor through the supply valve three sluice device. In the reactor under the action of heat formed in the power module, in the absence of oxygen is carried out mechanically activated thermal decomposition. As a result of the thermal treatment the mineral slurry formed precipitate and gas - vapor mixture. Steam - gas mixture is fed to a purification unit where the gas mixture separation is carried out from the particulate, followed by its being fed to the capacitor module. Mineral precipitate from the reactor is fed in the screw feeder discharge module, where it is carried out the accumulation and distribution. The rapid cooling and condensation of the vapor mixture in the condenser module allows to allocate liquid component and a combustible gas. In this case the combustible gas is supplied for combustion in the power unit for the purpose of energy supply partial drying and pyrolysis process.

Installation of fast pyrolysis can process various wastes.

Disposal of drilling cuttings

feedstock Type - Drill cuttings

 The initial moisture content of raw materials - (water content) - 50%

 Mass fraction of mineral impurities (clay, sand) - 3 45%

 Mass fraction of metallic impurities - not allowed

 Oil content - 5%

 During the processing of drill cuttings Setup Fast pyrolysis FPP 02 formed liquid, solid and gaseous products of pyrolysis.

The resulting non - condensable pyrolysis gas is fully consumed fast pyrolysis installation for reactor thermal energy and the drying unit.

To realize stable disposal of drill cuttings in the composition containing a large proportion of water, a stable operation of the pyrolysis reactor is a prerequisite to use in addition to the pyrolysis gas of another alternate fuel in an amount of up to 29 kg per hour.



 The energy balance in the processing of drill cuttings in the processing of 1 ton per hour

 By reducing the moisture content of the drill cuttings, increasing the oil in its composition, as well as at processing another type of raw materials - organic materials containing oil, the proportion of the fuel used further reduced.

Use of the pyrolysis products obtained by recycling sludge

The liquid products of pyrolysis can be plunged by fractional distillation to obtain gasoline, fuel oil and diesel fractions. These fractions could potentially be used analogously oil distillation fractions.

The solids thermal processing oil sludge are technical primer 5 hazard class which can be used as raw material for construction and reclamation.

Installation can be used FPP02 oilfield companies engaged in the execution of works for the remediation of oil - contaminated land in the territory of production activities of oil companies.

On the equipment there is a patent, a certificate, an act of the state ecological expertise.

We will quickly make equipment.

Delivery is carried out by road or sea containers (40 ft, 6 pieces).

Call us or write a letter.

 We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation.


Country of manufacture:Russia
Productivity: 2000 kg/h
Information is up-to-date: 18.02.2021

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