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Equipment for processing of roofing waste (PBKO)
  • Equipment for processing of roofing waste (PBKO)

Equipment for processing of roofing waste (PBKO)

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We produce and implement turnkey process "PBKO" line for the processing and recycling of bituminous roofing waste (old roofing material).

There is a patent and a certificate.

Technological line PBKO designed for complete processing and recycling of waste from roofing tar paper (BKO) and receiving at the same time the raw material for the production of road - building materials, chemical products and fuel briquettes.

Composition equipment - Power plant (solid fuel boiler thermal oil), melting installation, the machine cutting on the strip of roofing waste, heated mixing tank for filling the bitumen.

Additional equipment PBKO - scrubber flue gas purifier, filling bitumen line primer roofing crusher, vibrating for producing bituminous powder mixer for preparing bitumen primer (bitumastic) cold method.

 Benefits PBKO production line

1. - Low power consumption 

Power consumption - 8 kWh for production of one ton of asphalt, electricity consumption 11 kWh per ton of bitumen production and product (bitumen primer, waterproofing mastic).

Unlike competitors equipment, no large electric power costs for pre - grinding of roofing material (GER) and its subsequent heating tubchatymi electric heaters (TEH).

2. - Complete waste cycle BKO

Waste is divided into three factions: the pure bitumen, cardboard, mineral aftertaste.

Net bitumen and mineral sludge (crushed stone, mixed with bitumen) is the raw material for the production of building materials (cold asphalt, bitumen primer).

Cardboard impregnated with bitumen - raw materials for the production of stabilizing additives for road asphalt pavement (Crushed - mastic asphalt mixture SCHMAS)

3. High performance equipment



Recycling roof - 8400 kg per day,

Smelting 4.2 tons pure bitumen (42 00 kg) per day.


4. The demand on the market manufactured building materials

Of the bitumen can be done

- bituminous primer or waterproof mastic - 8 tons per day (400 buckets);

Bitumen is a good quality can be used as raw materials

- production of roofing materials.



- production solutions for drilling

- manufacture of resin used in the manufacture of tires.

Cardboard impregnated with bitumen can be sold as a component (a component of) the stabilizing additives Crushed - mastic asphalt - concrete mixtures and a stable income.

 5. High profitability

Quick return on investment (income both for the disposal of the BKO and for the realization of manufactured products)

6. The urgency

Every year, in every city formed BKO, which in the future equated to III hazard class waste (can not be stored and disposed of, only to be disposed). Becoming the first company in the region with a full cycle of processing BKO (garbage collection, recycling 100% ), the founder of this business will receive a guaranteed source of permanent income.

7. Environmentally friendly

- due to blowing of hot air heated at 160 - 180 C BKO waste almost excluded the formation of degradation products of bitumen and does not deteriorate the quality of melted bitumen;

- to minimize the formation of new waste is reduced, subject to further processing or disposal.

8 High quality melted "secondary" bitumen

Clean, not overheated, without mechanical impurities bitumen can be used as a cheaper raw material for the production of products in which the composition has a petroleum asphalt.

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Country of manufacture:Russia
Profile: 10*1*2,5 m
Type of waste:Construction Waste
Information is up-to-date: 10.03.2020
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