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RABIKA-energosberezhenie LLC
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About enterprise RABIKA-energosberezhenie LLC

LLC "RABIKA-energy saving" is a dynamically developing company
working in the field of resource and energy conservation.
Since 2004, the company produces and implements at the largest enterprises of the Russian Federation, CIS countries,
Iran energy-saving equipment and technology.
heating equipment
- Solid fuel pyrolysis boilers for long burning.
- Solid fuel boilers.
- Chimneys for boiler equipment.
- Metal containers of various shapes and volumes (fuel tanks, water tanks, tanks).
- Pipe heating registers.
- Power accumulators.

- Hydroallocators and hydroshooters.
- Cast iron grate

Waste disposal equipment
- Equipment for the disposal of bitumen-roofing waste (ПБКО).
- Equipment for the production of bitumen primer and mastic from waste roofing material.
-Installation of fast pyrolysis for the disposal of plant, biological and synthetic waste.
- Equipment for the utilization of silt sludge from wastewater of water utilities.
- Crusher of roofing material and lump bitumen stationary for the manufacture of bitumen powder.
- Shredder for grinding wooden pallets.
- Dryer for cellulose-polymer waste.
- Closed cycle biomass dryer (with biological filter)
- Sludge sludge dryer (with biological filter)
Construction Equipment
- Mobile electric bitumen cooker for melting bitumen and bitumen powder.
- Mobile electric bitumen cooker for melting ruberoid chips for VIR technology.
- Crusher of roofing material and lump bitumen mobile for repair of a roof.
- A smelter for melting bitumen powder into building bitumen.
Energy saving equipment
-Smooth start devices for high-voltage electric motors
- Performance controllers for pumps, blowers and turbochargers.
- Inexpensive and reliable Soft starters for low-speed electric motors of pumps, smoke exhausters, mine fans, dredgers, dredgers.
- Compression heat recovery units for turbochargers.
- Vortex main water separators for pneumatic systems.
- Energy-saving industrial luminaires for high ceilings.
- Electrical cabinets of large sizes for various purposes (according to individual sizes).
Non-standard equipment and metal products
- Metal building structures (ramps, trusses).
- Stainless steel tanks for the food industry (tanks, tanks, smokehouses, trays, mixers, cyclones, scrubbers).
- Metal products for various purposes (greenhouse frames, fences, fences, grave fences, conveyors, dispensers).
- Screws of various types and designs.
- Coils (segments) of the screw.
- Formwork for the manufacture of concrete rings of the type KS 10.6, KS 10.9, KS 15.6, KS 15.9 (reinforced, modernized).
- Fire cabinets ShPK.
- Metal cabinets for various purposes.
- Stainless steel gate valves for wastewater treatment plants.
- Filters for various purposes.

Building materials and chemical products
- Construction bitumen in bags.
- Bituminous primer RABITUM.
- Mastic waterproofing bituminous RABITUM.
- Fuel wood briquettes using RUF technology.
- Anti-wear multifunctional lubricating compositions MEGOS, realizing the effect of wear-free friction and increasing the working life of the equipment.
- Plasma cutting (cutting) of sheet metal.
- Cutting seams (milling chamfers for welding on sheet metal and pipe ends).
- Professional processing of rough and stainless metal: cutting, bending, rolling, cutting with a band saw, guillotine cutting.
- Welding with argon, electrode and semi-automatic stainless steel, aluminum.
- Polymer - powder coating of metal products (in the presence of powder paint, two chambers, 3 and 7 m long, cleaning and degreasing of surfaces before painting).
- Priming and painting of metal products with a spray gun.
- Crushing of waste polymer-sand tiles (scrap recycling).
- Removal and disposal of roofing material waste on the basis of a license (we provide all documents).
- Installation of heating systems of any complexity.
- Repair of screws for various purposes.
- Repair of various non-standard equipment.



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