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The multifunctional lubricant composition Megos PREMIUM 1D (100 ML)
  • The multifunctional lubricant composition Megos PREMIUM 1D (100 ML)

The multifunctional lubricant composition Megos PREMIUM 1D (100 ML)

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The multifunctional lubricant composition MEGOS PREMIUM 1D (100 ML)



The composition has proven itself in the toughest operating conditions of diesel engines of various modifications.

It increases the life of the engine.

Facilitates engine start at low temperatures (frost)

It reduces the risk of overheating the motor.

It comprises copper oleate, which is completely soluble in oil and is safe and effective multifunctional additives for increasing antiwear properties of lubricants.

Is added in an amount of 2% by volume of oil. 100 ml vial enough to improve properties of any engine oil volume to 5 liters.

There are all certificates and approvals.

How does CMC "Megos"

Any surface of the part, even a perfectly smooth appearance, with the increase consists of peaks and valleys. It traces the machining of any class of purity and precision. The protrusions are the points of higher stress at work take the main load, which sooner or later leads to disruption of particulate material and removal of oil from the friction zone.


In operation, the friction pair under standard conditions with conventional commodity oils, oil acts as a proppant element couples between the parts, but the breakdowns pectinate processing (projections) trace is the natural process. This results in a slow or mass disrupting (teaser soldering, welding, dragged) rapid wear of the friction pair. The torn material particle friction pair (product deterioration) are carried oil from the friction zone and are deposited on the filters and the fine strainer. This is how the classical system of lubrication mechanisms

WCS "Megos" implements a new type of friction - "without the wear. " machinery lubrication system starts to work differently.

MSCs "Megos" refers to metalplacking additives, when used are realized the effect of "selective transfer", which is manifested in the fact that the friction surfaces during friction parts is formed a coating (film layer), it is difficult to oxidize. Electrical safety protection level layer thickness ranges from a few atomic layers of 1 - 2 microns or more. However, the protective layer can withstand high loads without damage and can increase the contact surface several times.

When using "Megos" selective transfer occurs composition: deoxidation highest projections and the next transfer of a substance in the depression in a strong electromagnetic field. The transfer takes place at the points of maximum friction, and after they are aligned, the process proceeds to the next level. This continues until all irregularities are not leveled.

servovitnoy film formation occurs initially at critical points, and the higher critical point parameters, the faster is the film formation. This means that the deposit in the first place it will be in areas of maximum friction, which in a normal lubrication possible defective education (teaser, roughness, spalling). With the advent of "Megos" friction area defect becomes impossible, and parts having a defect film is formed primarily in the defect area.

If prior to processing "Megos" composition actual contact area was a system of many points of contact, after selective transfer it increases by several orders of magnitude (at 1000 - 10000 times), since the entire surface of the workpiece contact spot becomes. In the same amount reduces the specific load on the friction pair, and hence wear. Suffice it to single treatment parts universal lubricant composition to translate a mechanism in operation without wear. After that, most of the mechanisms can operate for several years without repair, and even without changing the lubricant.

Obtained using a concentrate "Megos" effects wearlessness, sudden extension of machine resources and mechanisms multiple prolonged life of the oil as a carrier, reducing the burn and carrier flow (oil), the possibility of using low grade oils decrease nomenclature oils, improving ecological and hygienic work conditions, flow reduction fuel a sharp reduction of labor costs for maintenance and operation, reducing spares requirements, etc. give a huge economic and ecological effects.

Information is up-to-date: 02.07.2020
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